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Please review prior to booking

Cancelation Policy: 

We understand that life happens, however, we kindly ask for a 24hour notice if the need to cancel an appointment. If you do not notify us within 24hours you will be charged our 3hr minimum of $135 for the cleaning. If there is a need to reschedule we charge $45 per cleaning booked. 


Nixie Dust Cleaning may add 25% for homes with the following: 

- Pets with excessive fur

- Children with excessive toys

- Excessive furniture, home decor, and knick-knacks 

- Clutter 

- Homes with cleaning needs beyond our regular cleaning


Holidays & Time Off 

We try our best to establish a healthy work environment. That includes giving our cleaning fairies time off to rest and spend time with family during national Holidays. If you need to book an appointment during the following days you will be charged an additional 50% to your total bill. 

- New Years Day 

- Martin Luther King Jr. 

- Presidents Day 

- Memorial Day 

- Independence Day 

- Labor Day 

- Columbus Day 

- Veterans Day 

- Thanksgiving Day 

- Christmas Eve

- Christmas Day 


The day of your cleaning: 

Time of Arrival: We have a 30-minute window between the time of agreed appointment to allow for any traffic, accidents, or your cleaner finishing up on a previous job. If you need an exact time please request a morning appointment. This is Los Angeles after all! 

Access to Property: If for any reason our cleaning fairies cannot access or get into your property within 20minutes of arrival time and aren't able to get ahold of you, they have the right to leave the property and you will be held responsible for the full cleaning fee. 

Parking Info: We bring all of our supplies and request to have access to the closest parking space to unload. If you live in an area where there is a no parking zone please note this upon booking. *Please note that if our cleaner receives a parking ticket due to lack of instructions or failure to give permits you will be charged the total ticket fee. We also charge for parking meters and lots. 

Breaks: Our cleaning fairies are entitled to taking a 15-minute break after working 4 hours and a 30minute break after working 5 hours. This is paid time. 

Risks & Dangers: 

We are licensed and insured but we still need to take necessary precautions to prevent any injuries or harm to our cleaners. Please note that we cannot do the following: 

- Climb higher than a 3-step ladder

- Move over 35lbs (If you want items to be cleaned, please move for us) 

- Clean up hazardous waste

- Remove black mold

- Pick up pet or human waste 

*If any of our cleaners feel they are in an unsafe environment they have the right to refuse service. You will be charged our 3-hour minimum of $135. 


After your Cleaning: 

Payment: Payment is due prior to service and your card will be charged the morning of your appointment. If for any reason your card does not go through and we cannot contact you to update your card information, we will cancel your service. If you have a late payment outstanding a 24hr period you will be charged a 15% late fee. 

Refunds: We are a 100% guarantee company and upon evaluation of a space that is not completed in excellence we will come back within 24hrs to complete service. We do not offer any refunds under any circumstances.


We thank you for your understanding! 



(310) 602-7419

Topanga, CA, USA