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Additional Services & Add-Ons

These services can be added onto your regular maintenance cleaning or during a deep clean.

*Please keep in mind we have a 3hr minimum of $145.

-Window Washing (Inside Only)

We clean inside windows, tracks, and wash inside the frames.

Rates for Window washing varies between $10-15 per window.


Changing Sheets/ Linens

We offer to change your bedsheets for an additional fee. We ask that you have the sheets out and available for changing and let us know where to put the used ones.

- King $12

- Queen + Full $9

- Twin $7

- Bunk Beds $10


Fireplace Cleaning

We can remove the ash from your fireplace for an additional fee of $25. (This does not include a chimney sweep)


Cabinet Cleaning (Inside & Out)

During a cabinet clean we will remove all your dishes, utensils, food, etc. from all of your cabinets and drawers. We will wash the interior and exterior of the doors, drawers, and all shelving in the cabinets. 

Our rates vary depending on the size of the Kitchen and the amount of cabinets. Typically ranging from $65-$165.  


Refrigerator/ Freezer Cleaning

We will remove all food from both the refrigerator and freezer to deep clean the inside and out. 

Rates for this additional service vary between $24-$50 depending upon the size of the refrigerator. 


Oven Cleaning

Allow us to deep clean your oven to remove and stuck food and oil leaving your oven as clean as new! 

Rates for oven cleaning vary between $25-$40. 


Wall & Door Cleaning 

We will remove smudges, handprints, stains, etc. from all walls and doors with a magic eraser and our eco-friendly All-purpose cleaning spray! 

Rates are determined upon how many walls & doors are needed to be cleaned from $59-$89. 



We will do laundry (2 load max) for towels and bedding only for a total of $15 per load. 






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Topanga, CA, USA